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Garage Flooring Ideas

If you spend just as much time in your garage as you do your house, then making it both functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing is probably important to you. Designing the perfect garage can take time, but Swisstrax is here to help by showing you all the unique and interesting projects our customers have used Swisstrax tiles for in their residential and commercial garages. 

Get Inspired with these Unique Design Ideas

Swisstrax clients send us amazing images of their garage floor design ideas. Scroll through these unique garage designs to get inspired for your upcoming project.

One Car Garage Design Ideas
One Car
Garage Design Ideas

Even small garages can be designed to look amazing with Swisstrax flooring. Discover the endless one-car garage design ideas. 

Two Car Garage Design Ideas
Two Car
Garage Design Ideas

Whether for functional reasons like keeping your garage clean, or just for fun, check out these two-car garage design ideas. 

Three Car Garage Design Ideas
Three Car
Garage Design Ideas

These eye-catching three-car garages get an upgrade with Swisstrax tiles. Explore these three-car garage design ideas. 

Unique Garage Design Ideas
Unique Garage
Design Ideas

With Swisstrax, you can customize your garage floor not only with a variety of colors, but with custom artwork. 

Professional Garage Design Ideas
Professional Garage
Design Ideas

Commercial workshops and detail shops all over the world turn to Swisstrax to provide a branded and functional flooring solution. 

Before and After Garage Designs
Before & After
Garage Designs

See how big of an impact Swisstrax flooring systems create with these before and after images from our customers. 

Epoxy and Paint Cover Up Ideas
Epoxy & Paint
Cover Up Ideas

Leave epoxy in the dust when you use Swisstrax interlocking tiles for your garage floor. As a DIY solution, learn more about the benefits today. 



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