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Epoxy, Paint, and Concrete StainsCompare Swisstrax With
Flooring Alternatives

We know you there are many flooring options to choose from for your garage or workshop floor, and we strive to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision when comparing Swisstrax to Epoxy. Learn more about comparing interlocking flooring tiles to epoxy flooring, floor paint and stained concrete floors.

Compare Swisstrax to Epoxy
Compare Swisstrax to Epoxy

Epoxy flooring for garage can be a time-consuming and often have long-term costly downsides. Learn more about how Swisstrax tiles stack up to epoxy flooring.

Compare Swisstrax to Paint
Compare Swisstrax to Paint

Painted garage flooring, while the easiest and cheapest route, is not a long-lasting solution for your garage floor. See how Swisstrax tiles are just as easy to install.

Compare Swisstrax to Stain
Compare Swisstrax to Stain

Stained concrete floors can be an expensive and time-consuming process to install, and the long-term care necessary to maintain will make you change your mind about this solution.

Garage Flooring

Swisstrax garage flooring tiles are not only designed to be eye-catching, but also durable, long-lasting flooring for your garage. With a large selection of tiles and colors to choose from, you can custom design your own garage floor with our interlocking garage floor tiles. 

Garage Flooring

Garage Floor Cost Considerations

Garage flooring can be a big investment. Learn more about the cost considerations of garage flooring with Swisstrax versus the alternatives. We show you key factors to consider when choosing your next garage flooring solution.

Swisstrax Costs

Garage Floor Cost Considerations
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How to Get Started

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Speak to a knowledgeable Flooring Specialist who will assist with your design and help determine the perfect tile style for your new floor.

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Whether you utilize one of the existing preset designs or customize your own flooring, this program has all the tools to help you imagine your new floor.

Start Designing

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Ready to buy? Go straight to our online store to shop our inventory of pre-designed garage kits, car & motorcycle pads, accessories, and much more!

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