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We love hearing how easy and satisfied Swisstrax customers are after they've installed their Swisstrax flooring system. Check out some of the commercial and residential reviews of our innovative interlocking floor tiles. 

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Video Endorsements

"Swisstrax helped me create a better look for my show area for my championship car. But I wanted to upgrade it to a more personal feel and also a vibe that creates that formality. I chose Swisstrax, so should you."

Kurt Busch, Nascar Champion

"Swisstrax was the perfect answer for my problem. I just blow it out and it's always clean. It's modular too. If you want to switch the design up, you can. Durable, low maintenance, beautiful to look at, made in the USA. So many great things about Swisstrax."

Chris Jacobs at Lisa Taylors Flying L Ranch

Residential Garage Owner - Comparing Epoxy to Swisstrax

We wanted to give off this garage feeling. We wanted something that fits the vibe and style we're going for, and Swisstrax was the go-to.

Rad Garage

"There is no denying that a Swisstrax floor really does enhance the appearance of a garage. There are so many times where people have come into my garage and the first thing they comment on is the floor. 'Tell me about the floor. What kind of floor is this?' I just know that it has that really strong impact."

Rick, Rad Garage

EZ Dent

"When we first moved in, we went with an epoxy and we were really proud of it and thought it was a great fit. Unfortunately, it wasn't as long lasting as we were hoping for. Epoxy is really expensive to install and sometimes, what it does in a shop this size, it starts flaking up... So we wanted a different option and we tried modular flooring. We went with Swisstrax and this company is really, really solid. It's the best on the market."

EZ Dent

"I was looking for the right product for my 3-car garage. The product has been the best floor I've ever seen. The quality of the floor is absolutely incredible!"

Glenn P.


"We have owned the Swisstrax flooring for about 5 years and started out with a smaller floor and added on to it over the last couple years as our booths have gotten bigger. The colors are kept in stock so we can just add on to it, its very modular, and just looks great."

Dan Wittek, 3M Application Engineering Manager

Mother's Polishes and Waxes

"When we have a busy show like SEMA, we rent the system and let them put it down, they pull it up, they’re always on time and it always looks great, and it makes us perform at a better level with our million dollar cars. I love it so much I installed it at my house in San Diego."

Jonathan Stone, Mothers Garage

Race Ramps

"We’ve always rented carpet in the past for our trade show booths and then once we found out that Swisstrax was available we weren’t so sure because we thought it would be hard on the body and comfortable to walk on...we took a chance and put it our booth and we’ve never looked back. It’s our go to flooring for trade shows now!"

Race Ramps

Renegade Products

"We were tired of spending literally thousands of dollars every single show on carpet that we just have to walk away from. Stays clean throughout the show which we like also. Much of the small litter and threading just drops beneath the flooring so we don’t have to keep it clean all that much. It is a low maintenance flooring."

Rami Aryan, Renegade Products

"Whenever my buddies come over they always say they wish they would have done this instead of putting in the slick flooring that they have that's starting to peel and come up. It's been a really good experience for us."

Ken Smith, Porsche Club Coupe 911

Commercial Testimonials

"Using Swisstrax throughout the sponsor pavilion as well as the Barrett Jackson staging lines has really elevated the presence of these areas. We used to use carpet but the Swisstrax tiles have proven to be the best flooring option, hands down! They look great and hold up perfectly show after show!"

Craig Jackson, CEO Barrett Jackson Auction Company

"At every Barrett-Jackson event, it is our goal to raise the bar of our customer experience from the event before. For years, many of the most attractive displays at our events have used Swisstrax Flooring. To create an unforgettable first impression during our 50th anniversary celebration at the 2022 Scottsdale Auction, we decided to outfit our 40,000 square foot entrance tent from end to end with Swisstrax. This consistent look of the floor impressed our attendees and helped showcase our sponsors’ products perfectly."

Peter Lubell, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Barrett-Jackson

Rockstar Garage

"We're working daily - grinding, cutting, changing out fluids. We've been so impressed with how well the Swisstrax flooring has held up. Spills just drain out of our way. At the end of the day our backs aren't killing us, which has been a big deal. We completely endorse Swisstrax and plan on using these tiles anywhere we possibly can."

Nic Ashby, Rockstar Performance Garage


"Every event we do, and we do about 17 per year, Swisstrax is all we use for our flooring. It's easy to put together, easy to maintain, it's extremely durable and highly cost effective. We've been using Swisstrax for years and plan to continue using them for years to come."

Paul Brearey, Marketing Manager Ford Motor Company


"Our company was looking at ways to stand out from the trade show crowd and elevate our brand without breaking the bank. We discovered Swisstrax Flooring at an automotive event and were surprised at the easy of setup, affordability, and sustainability of the product. An effective exhibit starts from the ground up and we know we are in good hands with Swisstrax!"

Kristin Adler, Freeman


"We rely on Swisstrax to complement the professional appearance of our successful shows and events – whether it’s purchased or rental flooring, Swisstrax has continued to provide quality products with quick turnarounds, even on custom-printed flooring."

Patrick Fleming, VP Client Services EWI

The Car Chasers

"Swisstrax to the rescue to make any space stand out from the crowd at automotive events, autograph signing or stages. Check out the Carbon Fiber tiles, they rock."

Jeff Allen, CNBCs The Car Chasers

Residential Testimonials

"I have had epoxy floor before and it looks great but from a functionality perspective I realized the first time it got wet...I nearly busted my tail on the floor itself. I just thought there's got to be a better way. I was just looking for something else that is accomplishing that same end game [as epoxy] but looks a heck of a lot cooler, provides phenomenal traction, phenomenal draining and is a conversation piece..."

Fritz H.

"It's [Swisstrax] is holding up great after all these years."

Nick H. 

"Their product is absolutely outstanding! I was considering an epoxy floor but the Swisstrax product has so many benefits over epoxy that I lknow I made the right decision."

Jim K. 

"Comparing Swisstrax vs epoxy or paint, the latter didn’t seem like good long-term solutions, so with the Swisstrax garage flooring we get that showroom quality look with a floor that’s durable, longer lasting, and better performing.  

Installation doesn’t take very long. We got the whole Swisstrax garage flooring done in just a few hours, compared to epoxy or paint taking multiple days to complete. [Swisstrax] is highly customizable and adaptable to meet your needs, with different colors and styles to match the look of your garage or shop."

John W.

"Great product and a great project. So much nicer looking that epoxy. Easy to install in a short amount of time. Everyone that sees it thinks it's really cool. Very happy with Swisstrax."

Frank W. 

"I decided to go with Swisstrax because on my last house I used an epoxy solution and I was not happy with the long term results."

Jason W.

"After researching every option to cover my concrete garage floor, it was obvious to me that Swisstrax was the way to go! Easier to install and maintain than epoxy and no other tile company came close to their quality!"

Ken Smith, Palm Desert, CA

"Super easy to maintain, looks amazing, and also really easy to put cars on it, and doesn’t fall apart when you turn the wheels. We needed something that was efficient, easy to use, and easy to clean."

Joe Trigeiro

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