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Whether you're new to designing a floor yourself or a professional architect looking for more information, learn more about the floor designing options Swisstrax provides. From CAD Details to our 3D online floor designer, we offer great options to start your designing process today.

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Get Free Design Assistance
Garage Floor Design Ideas
Garage Flooring Ideas


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Swisstrax /Design Your Floor

  1. Choose Your Starting Shape Choose the shape that represents your garage or space.
  2. Enter Your Measurements Enter the specific measurements of your space.
  3. Add Doors & Windows Customize your space by adding doors and windows.
  1. Choose Your Tile & Colors Choose the tile type, pattern, and color for a custom design.
  2. Pick Your Edges Add ramped edges where a transition may be needed.
  3. Add Cabinets, Cars & More Bring your space to life by adding cabinets, cars, tv's, workbenches, and more!
Screen Print of Design Application Step 1, Choose Your Shape
Screen Print of Design Application Step 2, Enter Your Measurements
Screen Print of Design Application Step 3, Add Doors and Windows
Screen Print of Design Application Step 4, Choose Your Tile and Colors
Screen Print of Design Application Step 5, Pick Your Edges
Screen Print of Design Application Step 6, Add Cabinets, Cars and More

What is the Cost of New Garage Flooring?

Design and install an eye-catching garage floor that is durable, strong, and lets you customize it to match your desired aesthetic. First consider which garage flooring surface alternative you’d like in your garage: interlocking tiles, epoxy, polyspartic, polished concrete, paint, or roll-out vinyl. All these garage surfacing options have different benefits and costs, but here we will focus on the benefits of surfacing your garage floor with interlocking garage tiles.

Cost of New Garage Flooring

Cost of Garage Floor

Garage Floor Design Ideas

If you spend just as much time in your garage as you do your house, then making it both functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing is probably important to you. Designing the perfect garage can take time, but Swisstrax is here to help by showing you unique garage floor designs from our customers. See how they used Swisstrax tiles for their residential and commercial garages.

Garage Floor Ideas

Garage Floor Ideas
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How to Get Started

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Speak to a knowledgeable Flooring Specialist who will assist with your design and help determine the perfect tile style for your new floor.

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Whether you utilize one of the existing preset designs or customize your own flooring, this program has all the tools to help you imagine your new floor.

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Ready to buy? Go straight to our online store to shop our inventory of pre-designed garage kits, car & motorcycle pads, accessories, and much more!

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