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Professional Garage Floor Ideas

Design a visually stunning workshop floor with premium durability by installing Swisstrax interlocking garage flooring tiles. Swisstrax garage floor tiles are designed to withstand a large amount of weight, extreme temperatures, and slip and fade resistant. Customize the flooring of your garage workshop with your business logo or artwork, and choose from a large selection of bold colors for your garage floor tiles.

Scroll down to view pictures of unique floor designs at detail shops, auto photo booths, tint & wrap shops, and more using Swisstrax modular garage flooring system.

1. When Rockstar Performance Garage moved to their new facility in 2012, they choose Swisstrax as a partner. They wanted to splash the yellow and black Rockstar colors in as many places as possible, including their shop floor.

Rockstar's garage using Swisstrax's Ribtrax Pro floor tiles

2. Ribtrax Pro Tile resists heavy weight and is perfect for a workshop.

Ribtrax garage floor tiles used in a car workshop

3. Design a customized detail shop look with Ribtrax Pro modular tiles. Swisstrax offers an ideal alternative to standard concrete and epoxy flooring while being the perfect solution to enhance the look for your detail shop business.

Meguiars' detail shop booth installed with Ribtrax Pro tiles

4. Cover up floor imperfections such as cracks and stains in just hours, not days with this DIY flooring system. Don’t let your customers' beautiful cars sit on an oil-stained concrete floor.

Autoshine Detailing Studio installed with garage floor tiles from Swisstrax

5. Ribtrax Pro tiles are precision engineered to stand up to years of wear and tear in your workshop.

Swisstrax garage floor tiles installed underneath a car lift

6. Our garage floor mats are pre-designed flooring systems which are perfect for showcasing cars on.

Yellow and black Ribtrax Pro tiles installed in Rockstar Performance Garage

7. Ribtrax Pro floor tiles are slip resistant, allow water to drain through, and are UV stabilized to help combat harsh UV rays. These tiles are perfect for areas where cars will be washed.

Detail Shop garage flooring

8. Easy to install floor coverings make a huge difference in your workspace

Ribtrax Pro tiles installed in a auto tuning garage

9. Design a customized workshop floor with Ribtrax Pro. Mix and match colors and tile types to create a one-of-kind, strong and functional floor for your workshop.

Mechanic garage installed with garage floor tiles from Swisstrax

10. Tint World chose Swisstrax flooring products to add another element of branding to their facilities. With custom matched colors, and custom branding utilizing our Graphictrax products, this was an easy fit for Swisstrax and Tint World to team up.

Tint World installed Ribtrax Pro tiles in their garage

11. With complete builds taking place in the facility, Rockstar Performance Garage was looking for a modular tile that could put up with the “torcher test” as they would call it, yet bleed the brand colors of Rockstar.

Rockstar Performance installed Ribtrax Pro tiles designed with the brand color of Rockstar

12. Mix and match tile colors to create unique designs for your commercial workshop.

Design your garage floor tiles to create a pathway to the car lift

13. Swisstrax not only enhances the look of your floor, but also protects and covers in just hours, not days.

Swisstrax garage floor tiles are durable and installs easily in hours

14. Create your own custom flooring solution to improve the look of your business and impress your clients.

Car photo booth installed with garage flooring from Swisstrax

15. Ribtrax Pro tiles can fit any space they are needed. Update cracked, oil-stained concrete in just a few hours.

Ribtrax Pro tiles installed in the garage with an oil change pit

16. The different colors and textures Swisstrax tiles offer turns spaces into professionally designed areas your customers will remember. Explore the different tiles we offer.

Motorcross garage with Ribtrax Pro floor tiles installed

17. Swisstrax high-quality flooring tiles can withstand anything your workshop throws at it. 

Commercial garage with black Ribtrax Pro tiles installed

18. Effortlessly upgrade your workshop by installing durable Diamondtrax 12-Series Tile.

Auto shop garage installed with Diamondtrax tiles installed

19. Tough and dependable, Ribtrax Pro tiles are a cost effective flooring solution that will dramatically change the look and feel of your space.

Auto shop car lift ontop of Ribtrax Pro garage floor tiles

20. You can quickly cover old flooring imperfections by adding eye-catching Ribtrax Pro tiles.

Bodyshop with Swisstrax garage floor tiles installed

21. As an elevated flooring system, the tiles perforation allows direct and excess debris to be trapped underneath the tiles.

West Coast Exotics

22. Don’t let your customers' beautiful cars sit on an oil-stained concrete floor. Create your own custom flooring solution to improve the look of your business and impress your clients.

Bodyshop with Swisstrax garage floor tiles installed

Gray Checkered Floor Collage

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