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Learn more about Swisstrax Modular Flooring Systems through our most frequently asked questions from customers. 


Yes, you can choose as many colors as you wish. The only aspect of mixing and matching that you can't do is mixing our PRO line of tiles with our 12-SERIES line of tiles. Visit our garage flooring ideas page to see examples of the different color combinations available.

Multi-Color Floor



Yes, using a flat-edged screwdriver, putty knife or paint can opener, you are able to pop out a single tile from the middle without affecting the rest of the floor. Check out this video tutorial.

Tile Removal



Yes, Swisstrax is easily and quickly installed by the end user. They simply snap together without the need of any tools. Learn how to install your new Swisstrax system with the help of our Swisstrax Installation 101 video.



Yes, the channel system underneath our tiles allows them to have “bounce” or “shock” providing anti-fatigue properties. Companies such as Ford, GM, Dodge and many others use our flooring for events due to the comfort it provides when standing on it for hours at a time.

Working on Swisstrax



No, Swisstrax tiles are fade-resistant due to our UV Stabilizer mixed into the material as well as the color pigments, making them highly fade resistant and non-slip.

Anti-Fade Flooring



Our polypropylene based tiles such as Ribtrax PRO, Ribtrax Smooth PRO and Diamondtrax 12-Series are built to withstand a considerable amount of weight. Depending on the weight of the vehicle, we may suggest using a rigid piece of material between the jack stand and tile to distribute the weight to eliminate any possible damage to your garage floors.

Floor Jack on Swisstrax



Yes, Swisstrax tiles can be easily cut using any type of electrical saw with a fine-toothed blade (table saw, circular saw, reciprocating saw, jigsaw etc.) to your specific installation needs. For more details on how to install, visit our installation instructions page.

Custom Install



Swisstrax tiles are resistant to almost everything except for battery acid. Make sure to keep away from direct heat sources such as butane torches as well.

Dirty Swisstrax



Swisstrax offers two lines of tile designed for wet areas, Ribtrax Pro and Ribtrax Smooth Pro. These two systems have perforations which allow water to quickly flow through the tile leaving a clean, dry, and safe surface.  Our solid surfaced tile, Diamondtrax 12-Series, has a raised diamond pattern that provides grip when the surface is wet. 

Safe When Wet



Swisstrax tiles vary in cost depending on which tile you choose. In general, Swisstrax tiles can cost between $3 to $7 per tile. For the latest price information on Swisstrax tiles, visit our online store for more information. For more information on each tile type designed by Swisstrax, visit our tile product pages. 

Tile Cost



Yes, you can rent Swisstrax Flooring. Swisstrax partners with RG Event Surfaces to provide a large selection of flooring solutions available for rental or purchase. Some applications include tradeshow flooring, portable athletic flooring, outdoor event flooring, and special event flooring. Learn more by visiting the RG Event Surfaces site. 

Tile Rental


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