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Before and After Installing Swisstrax

Swisstrax modular flooring tiles transform the look and feel of any space in just hours, not days. These tiles not only enhance the look of your floor, but also protect the original sub-flooring. Explore these amazing before and after photos sent in from some of our satisfied customers.

1. Ribtrax Pro tiles in royal blue, jet black, and arctic white completely transform the aesthetic of this workshop, garage combo.

Bafore and After Garages 1

2. For detail shop owners, switching to Swisstrax flooring is a no-brainier. These tiles make it easy to transform damaged epoxy into a long-lasting, customized flooring solution.

Bafore and After Garages 2

3. These homeowners got a huge upgrade when they added Ribtrax Pro tiles in slate grey and pearl silver over their existing concrete floor.

Bafore and After Garages 3

4. New flooring can take your garage to the next level. Check out all 18 colors Ribtrax Pro has to offer.

Bafore and After Garages 4

5. Our modular flooring tiles are a cost-effective solution to covering up old concrete cracks quickly.

Bafore and After Garages 5

6. As a suspended modular flooring solution, Swisstrax tiles protect your original flooring from ongoing wear and tear. Build an eye-catching, functional flooring solution for your space while protecting your sub-surface.

Bafore and After Garages 6

7. Ribtrax Pro tiles can transform a normal, every day garage into a memorable space in just a few hours.

Bafore and After Garages 7

8. Swisstrax tiles are the ultimate solution to revamp any high-traffic space, no matter the condition of the sub-surface.

Bafore and After Garages 8

9. These homeowners achieve a gorgeous garage renovation in just a few hours with Ribtrax Pro in racing red, jet black, and slate grey.

Bafore and After Garages 9

10. Transform a dull, old garage into a space that feels more inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

Bafore and After Garages 10

11. Don’t let your customers beautiful cars sit on an oil-stained concrete floor. Create your own custom flooring solution to improve the look of your business and impress your clients.

Bafore and After Garages 11

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How to Get Started

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Speak to a knowledgeable Flooring Specialist who will assist with your design and help determine the perfect tile style for your new floor.

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Whether you utilize one of the existing preset designs or customize your own flooring, this program has all the tools to help you imagine your new floor.

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Ready to buy? Go straight to our online store to shop our inventory of pre-designed garage kits, car & motorcycle pads, accessories, and much more!

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