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One Car Garage Flooring Ideas

You can get creative with garage floor design even with a smaller space. Swisstrax garage floor tiles can be cut and customized to fit any space. Discover one-car garage floor designs Swisstrax customers created by scrolling through the garage pictures below.

1. This one-car garage is using our signature Ribtrax Pro garage tile in techno green, slate grey, and jet black. 

One Car Garage Idea 1

2. Create a beautiful space for your vintage vehicles by using Ribtrax Pro garage flooring tiles. Tile colors used below include slate grey, racing red and pearl silver. 

One Car Garage Idea 2

3. This one-car garage design was built with the Ribtrax Smooth Pro tile in royal blue, pearl silver and jet black. 

One Car Garage Idea 11

4. Whether it's a motorcycle mat or a full one-car garage floor, display your motorcycle on a unique garage floor design with help from Swisstrax. 

One Car Garage Idea 3

5. Create a unique garage floor design by mixing & matching a variety of Swisstrax tile options. This design was built with Ribtrax Pro and Vinyltrax Pro tiles. Vinyltrax Pro offers a realistic wood grain finish, and is recommended to use around your garage, not on the location where your vehicle would be parked. 

One Car Garage Idea 12

6. Even a simple checkered garage floor design has a big impact when you use the signature Ribtrax Pro garage tiles. 

One Car Garage Idea 4

7. This 'extra' one-car garage understood the assignment with their amazing garage floor design. Using Ribtrax Pro in racing red, jet black and pearl grey, this garage design elevates the space to a new level. 

One Car Garage Idea 5

8. Not your typical garage, but who wouldn't want to check out their eye-catching vehicle from every angle? This checkered garage floor design was created with Ribtrax Pro in arctic white and pearl grey. 

One Car Garage Idea 6

9. Ribtrax Pro tiles are designed with superior strength. So you can park your vehicle with confidence on Swisstrax garage floors

One Car Garage Idea 7

10. Revamp your workshop by adding a motorcycle mat in royal blue, pearl grey and jet black tile. 

One Car Garage Idea 14

11. Want to match your car to your garage floor design? Check out the 18 color options with Ribtrax Pro garage tiles. 

One Car Garage Idea 1

12. One-car garage designs can be perfect for home workshops. Swisstrax flooring offers an eye-catching design and functional flooring that is strong and durable. 

One Car Garage Idea 10

13. Park your car knowing it's on the sturdy, bold Ribtrax Smooth Pro flooring. 

One Car Garage Idea 15

14. Living that race car driver lifestyle? Design a garage floor to match your aesthetics, like this racetrack garage floor design

One Car Garage Idea 9

15. Give your garage a luxurious look by adding a high quality, durable flooring. 

One Car Garage Idea 16

Gray Checkered Floor Collage

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