Go Outside with Hockey Tiles

Love to play and practice hockey even when you’re not on the ice? We’re happy to introduce our Hockey Tiles, which are available in single tiles (you decide how many you need) and in pre-packaged pads. At 39″ W x 39″ L, the Hockey Pad gives you a great starting point should you decide to expand the size of the pad in the future. At this time, there is the option to get a Hockey Pad with or without edges.

We are the official flooring for the Gretzky Hockey School (GHS). Ty Gretzky has seen how GHS students have been able to practice certain skill moves on our Hockey Tiles and then effectively translate these skills to the ice.  GHS typically builds out a large floor with our tiles and because the tiles are modular, there are infinite possibilities to the size of the floor.

“The flooring is great for outdoor hockey courts because it has a smooth surface with the right amount of grip,” said Gretzky.

Check out this trick shot done on our Hockey Tiles! [su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp0JHSBXmYE” width=”400″ height=”280″ responsive=”no” showinfo=”no” rel=”no”]