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Interlocking Gym Tiles for Workout Spaces

A new year with new resolutions. For many, one of those resolutions is to get healthy and fit. If you don’t always have time to head out to the local gym, setting up a few pieces of exercise equipment in your home allows you to get that workout in whether it’s in the morning, midday or evening. In this post, we’ll cover using your garage as a workout area and the benefits of using interlocking gym tiles for your flooring.

Designating Your Workout Space

We don’t always have a spare room to dedicate to our workout equipment, but you can make ANY SPACE in your home a workout space. You’ll find that many will use a portion of their garage as their workout space. There can be a happy co-existence between parking your vehicles and getting your workout in.

When not working out, your garage functions as normal. When working out, you’ll temporarily move your car out to increase your available space.  Take this garage to the left, for example, which shows the dual use of the space.

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Why Interlocking Gym Tiles Make Sense

We typically think of gym flooring as soft and pliable, yet, different types of gym flooring are applicable for different scenarios. There is no one solution fits all, however using interlocking gym tiles make sense especially for garages that also double-up as workout spaces.

For firmer flooring, using our Ribtrax Pro tile is recommended. It is strong and durable while being easy to maintain in keeping its brilliant look over time. The open-profile tile is designed with 1/4″ drainage channels underneath, which makes it another plus for cleaning with a hose or pressure washer. The debris simply washes away or can even be picked up with a shop vac. Ribtrax has also long been the top choice for garage gym flooring, which makes it an easy dual-purpose flooring for your designated workout area.

Our Ribtrax tiles are available in 19 colors. For maximum design options, we recommend taking a look at using Ribtrax in your garage.

Interlocking Gym Tiles

Interlocking Gym Tiles

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