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Go from Drab to Dramatic with Swisstrax Modular Flooring

With 19 dynamic colors and an infinite number of designs, Swisstrax Modular Flooring lets you transform your garage from drab to dramatic. Featuring eye-catching colors such as Racing Red, Jet Black, Island Blue, Citrus Yellow, Cosmic Purple & more, your options are nearly limitless. Create a one-of-a-kind garage floor design that will make family and friends do a double-take.

Turn your ordinary garage into a prestigious detailing studio by pairing complementary colors to achieve a unique, enticing look.

Go with a completely monochromatic look that can transform your existing garage into a sleek and modern space.

Or use an entire color palette to contrast and highlight your exceptional collection.

Add a red accent to highlight your car’s power and passion.

Or create a sense of sophistication with an electric “Burberry” design.

With 18 dynamic colors and only the limits of your creativity.

Your garage will never be boring or drab again. Combine unique colors with interesting patterns to make your floor truly unique and enviously eye-catching.

You can even take your garage outside to show off your incredible collection.

Create your exact design using our 3D floor designer to get started on your floor. If you’re having difficulty creating the space you’ve imagined, call Swisstrax and our experts can help you hand-craft your garage layout and floor design. We can even show you popular designs that might fit perfectly with your desired layout.

Ready to get started? Shop online, get a quote, or use our online 3D floor designer tool today. Or visit our main blog page for more helpful information about Swisstrax modular flooring systems. 

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