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Barrett-Jackson and Swisstrax Announce Exclusive Partnership in Paving the Way for Luxury in Automotive Environments 

We are thrilled to announce a continuation of our partnership that promises to promote luxury and sophistication in automotive spaces. Barrett-Jackson, renowned as The World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions®, and Swisstrax, recognized as The World's Finest Modular Garage Flooring™, are officially joining forces in an exclusive collaboration that will continue to elevate the automotive experience for all guests, car enthusiasts and garage owners alike.

Leave Epoxy in the Dust with Swisstrax


Barrett-Jackson: A Legacy of Excellence

For over five decades, Barrett-Jackson has been an epitome of excellence in the collector car industry. Their auctions are not just events; they are spectacles that bring together enthusiasts, collectors, and industry leaders. With a commitment to showcasing the finest automobiles, Barrett-Jackson has become synonymous with luxury, quality, and a passion for automotive heritage.

Swisstrax: Pioneers in Modular Garage Flooring

On the other side of this automotive synergy, Swisstrax stands as a pioneer in the realm of modular garage flooring. For more than a decade, Swisstrax has been flooring Barrett-Jackson's prestigious auctions, ensuring that every inch of the venue reflects the same level of quality and sophistication as the collector cars on display. Their commitment to customer service and quality has made them the preferred choice that stands the test of time.

One Collaboration: All You Need

In a move that solidifies their shared commitment to luxury and quality, Barrett-Jackson and Swisstrax have entered into an exclusive partnership. Swisstrax is now officially recognized as the Exclusive Modular Flooring Company of Barrett-Jackson, cementing their role in creating the perfect foundation for the world's most prestigious collector car auctions.

This partnership is more than a union of two brands; it is a statement of intent. It signifies a shared vision to provide enthusiasts with an immersive experience that extends beyond the cars themselves and into their homes. By choosing Swisstrax as the Exclusive Modular Flooring Company, Barrett-Jackson is making a bold statement about the importance of every detail, down to the flooring paving the way of our automotive world.

Elevating the Collector Car Experience

As part of this collaboration, Swisstrax will continue to provide its world-class modular garage flooring for Barrett-Jackson auctions. Attendees can expect not just a display of the finest collector cars but an environment that complements and enhances the overall experience. From the moment guests step onto the venue floor, they will be immersed by a seamless bustle of automotive excellence and exquisite flooring craftsmanship.

Looking Ahead: A Future of Luxury in Automotive Spaces

In the world of collector cars, every detail matters — down to the garage flooring they park on. We invite you to join in this collaboration at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson auctions. See you at the staging lanes.

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