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Jump Start Your /Garage Organization with Swisstrax

It's inevitable that you'll need to clean-out and organize your garage after you've lived in a house for a while. What might seem like a large project can be an opportunity to efficiently organize your garage, so you won't have to repeat this project in another 10 years. Let's walk through the best options for keeping your garage clean and organized for a long time.

Does it Bring You Joy?

From the wildly popular Netflix special on home organization, Marie Kondo asks homeowners to throw away or donate items from their home that don't bring them joy. Garage organization starts with cleaning out all the items you've stored and stockpiled, and in the process remove items you don't need any more. So choose a day to start early and begin the process of taking inventory of items in your garage to keep, toss, or donate (colored post-it notes help). Consider the following during this process:

  • Does it serve a purpose - now and in the future?
  • Does the item still work? Is it worth fixing?
  • Would this benefit a family member or friend more than keeping in your garage?

Examine Your Cleaned Out Garage

Just like the rest of your house, your garage should be maintained and cleaned. Whether your garage is finished with walls and a ceiling, or exposed so you can see the wood frame, you should closely examine to see if there are any aspects of your garage structure you need to fix or replace. Consider the following:

  • Are there any noticeable leaks or water damage?
  • Does any exposed wood look infected with termites?
  • Are there any gaping holes in the walls?
  • Does your concrete garage floor have cracks or significant damage?
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Swisstrax /Set the Tone by Choosing the Right Garage Flooring

Swisstrax garage floor tiles have a variety of benefits - durability (very strong), longevity (last a really long time), and lifetime value (offer much greater value over time vs other options). In addition, they provide an organized, clean finish that doubles in functionality to keep your garage floor cleaner, longer.

Strength & Durability

Swisstrax tiles are the premium garage floor tiles on the market due to their size, thickness and strong material. Each tile measures in at 15.75 in (40 cm) x 15.75 in (40 cm) x 0.75 in (1.9 cm), and weighs 1.47 lbs (23.5 oz.). Majority of garage tiles on the market are 12 x 12 x 0.50, and depending on the brand, are made with inferior materials, which limits their durability and strength.

Swisstrax garage tiles are made with a polypropylene copolymer material in a 4-point injection mold. The tiles are engineered with 6-point locking connections and have a built-in advanced channeling system underneath, so you can easily remove dirt and debris with a high-pressure hose or a shop vac.

The signature Ribtrax Pro garage floor tile, used in professional auto detail shops and airplane hangars, features a compressive strength of 2,500 psi and a 60,000 lbs of rollover weight. Whether in a busy auto shop or your home, Swisstrax tiles are designed to last.


Swisstrax garage floors last a lifetime. These tiles have been tried and tested on various flooring applications by professional NASCAR drivers, detail shop owners, manufacturing facilities, and more - they're designed to hold up in harsh environments while providing a clean, slip-resistant, and low-maintenance flooring option.

For ease of mind, Swisstrax provides a limited lifetime warranty on their tiles, along with hassle-free tile replacement if you happen to damage a tile.

The only reason you'll come back to Swisstrax is to add it to other areas of your home like basements, patios, decks, and more.


We've unleashed the power of perforation with our signature Ribtrax Pro garage floor tile. With tile perforations and an advanced channeling system, Swisstrax tiles keep the surface of your garage floor cleaner longer. Liquids and debris fall through the tiles to the subsurface, providing an ongoing slip-resistant and clean surface. Easily pop-out a single tile to clean up liquids or use a shop vac to vacuum debris quick and easy.


With 9 different tile styles and 18 colors to choose from, Swisstrax interlocking floor tiles can be customized to fit your style. Play around with different designs with the Swisstrax 3D floor designer tool. Get inspired by our garage design ideas gallery. Want to create a branded look for your business? You can add a logo or other design to the Swisstrax tiles - Logotrax & Graphictrax. Contact our design team for a quote on custom graphics on Swisstrax tiles.

18 Ribtrax Tile Color Options

  • Racing Red Swatch
  • Terra Cotta Swatch
  • Techno Green Swatch
  • Teal Swatch
  • Slate Grey Swatch
  • Royal Blue Swatch
  • Tropical Orange Swatch
  • Pearl Silver Swatch
  • Pearl Grey Swatch
  • Mocha Java Swatch
  • Jet Black Swatch
  • Island Blue Swatch
  • Cosmic Purple Swatch
  • Citrus Yellow Swatch
  • Chocolate Brown Swatch
  • Carnival Pink Swatch
  • Arctic White Swatch
  • Turf Green Swatch

4 Wood-look & Carbon Fiber Options

  • Black Oak Swatch
  • Light Maple
  • Reclaimed Pine Swatch
  • Carbon Fiber Swatch
  • Ash Pine Swatch

Ability to Add Graphics & Logos

  Graphictrax Pro Branding and Logos


  Logotrax Pro Shelby Cobra


Repair & Maintenance

Designed to a be a low-maintenance garage floor system, Swisstrax tiles will make your life easier by allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love instead of cleaning or repairing your garage floor.

Some of our favorite customers provide a how-to guide on cleaning your Swisstrax system, and Swisstrax provides several clips on YouTube on general maintenance and cleaning.


Swisstrax tiles are designed to offer DIY installation benefits. The garage tiles easily click together and can be cut easily to fit around objects or stairs. No need for trained professionals or the additional labor usually associated with other options, such as epoxy coating. Depending on the size of your garage, an average 2-car garage usually takes 2-3 hours to install Swisstrax tiles.

Immediate & Lifetime Cost

Swisstrax garage floor tiles can average between $3.99 to $7.75 per square foot. The big benefit with Swisstrax tiles is that they will last a lifetime - you won't need to replace them. Unlike Swisstrax tiles, other garage flooring options like epoxy, paints and stains must be replaced or resealed every couple of years in order to sustain their durability and strength. Swisstrax is a one-and-done garage floor solution. Shop online for pricing information or call our Swisstrax team for the best pricing options.

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Swisstrax /Keep Your Garage Organized

Organizing your garage isn't a difficult project if you break it down into manageable chunks. In order to keep it clean, remember that everything has its place, so after you've organized all the items in your garage, always put them back where they belong.

With Swisstrax as your new garage flooring solution, you won't have to worry about constantly sweeping out your garage floor since Swisstrax tiles will keep your floor surface clean and looking like a showroom. Get organized and stay organized with Swisstrax garage floor tiles.

After Swisstrax

Before Swisstrax

Flipping Ribtrax Pro Tile

Make The Switch

Greater durability, less maintenance, lifetime warranty and lower maintenace costs are driving garage enthusiasts to make the switch to a modular garage floor solution. It's time to leave epoxy in the dust. 

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How to Get Started

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Speak to a knowledgeable Flooring Specialist who will assist with your design and help determine the perfect tile style for your new floor.

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Whether you utilize one of the existing preset designs or customize your own flooring, this program has all the tools to help you imagine your new floor.

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