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We asked, and you answered! After receiving many Epoxy Struggles story entries, we're ready to vote on your favorite story below on customer switching from epoxy to Swisstrax.

Contest closes September 30, 2023

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Epoxy Struggles ContestVote for the Winner

Below are the three finalists stories of the Swisstrax Epoxy Struggles contest. Check out how these finalist left epoxy in the dust for a functional, strong and durable Swisstrax floor. Vote for your favorite story by choosing your favorite story and clicking submit on the form at the bottom of the page.

Brian L. "The TEAL-Tale Heart"

"What an incredible product. I debated back and forth between SwissTrax vs epoxy for literally months. However, after seeing the issues my friends were having with epoxy after just a few years time - delamination issues, fading issues, being super slippery when wet - none of which are problems with SwissTrax. So, I decided to go the SwissTrax route.

Install was a breeeeze…kind of shocking at how easily it went actually. I watched a lot of videos (ObsessedGarage has some great ones) and prepped/setup everything the night before. My 25' x 25' garage took 2 hours with a couple of friends assisting.

I get multiple complements from friends and family, which is great because I enjoy having a nice garage. However, walking on and working on them has been a joy, something I was worried about. I'm a wrencher and do my own maintenance items on my vehicles. So, while I'm not a heavy user, I also don't fall into the garage queen type. I also use the space for occasional poker games with friends and we have no issues with the ribs of the ribtrax flooring with the chairs or table.

The Ribtrax Pro exceeded my expectations on looks and functionality, so I recommend them to literally everyone. Jake at SwissTrax is the man, thanks again for the assistance. If you are thinking about epoxy, do not make the decision until you thoroughly research Ribtrax because you'll likely find yourself saying the same stuff I did. Thank you SwissTrax."

Craig H. "Check that Checker"

"First, we had a bare garage, unfinished walls, unfinished floors.

Then, we bought an expensive epoxy kit because I thought it would be a cool way to spruce up the garage, followed all directions including acid etching, scrubbing, and cleaning the floors. Epoxy lasted about a month before it started peeling up in HUGE chunks.

Finally, we decided Swisstrax would be a more efficient and simple way of making the garage complete. Found a small used amount and decided to try a small section and loved how it installed and looked. So, I bought the rest to finish my 28x30 garage. Swisstrax looks much nicer, doesn't fail, and bonus it drains any water from melting snow or after washing a car to make the garage a slip free and clean environment! Just moved houses and plan to Swisstrax the new garage as well."

Sean L. "Border Galore"

"We had decided to install the DIY Rust-oleum epoxy you can get from Lowes. Initial install was ok, but we had an issue where one of the boxes we used had a reaction, started smoking and that batch of epoxy hardened faster than I could get it onto the floor and spread. While we were able to finish the install, after buying more boxes of the DIY epoxy product, after a few months to a year or so we noticed that the floor was starting to peel in several areas where our tires would sit on the floor after coming home and sitting overnight. We also had issues with the floor being slippery anytime any water or anything would get on the floor and we used our garage quite a bit for various activities like oil changes, brakes, aftermarket installs of various products, etc. Our daughter had slipped a few times and fell on the floor and it was then we decided to find an alternative to cover or get rid of the epoxy.

I started doing research for floor coverings for the garage, I looked at Racedeck, professionally installed epoxy, and any option I could find when I stumbled across Swisstrax. I can't remember where I first saw Swisstrax, but I want to say on an Instagram post and after going through reviews and reading about the product, testing out the floor designer on the website, etc. we decided Swisstrax was our solution.

I submitted a request for a quote and was quickly reached out to by one of their sales managers who helped me ensure I had the right product for my needs picked out, all my measurements and floor design were setup and had the correct amount of tiles in each color. The flooring came quickly and was super easy to install. It took us less than an hour to install the bulk of the floor leaving only the outside perimeter where the floor met the walls. That took a bit longer due to having to measure and cut each tile to ensure an exact fit.

Since install we have used our garage on SEVERAL occasions to do car maintenance, brakes, oil changes, car washes/detail, performance and exterior modifications to mine and several of my friends cars. I get amazing comments and reviews when sharing my garage with friends and coworkers or online in various social media sites or forums and recommend Swisstrax as often as possible!"

This Contest Has Closed

The winner of the 2023 Epoxy Struggles Contest is Sean L. "Boarder Galore"! If you have a story or know someone who has struggled with epoxy garage flooring, submit your story for a chance to win big. See contest link below. 


Did You Struggle With Epoxy?

We're always hoping to hear how you left epoxy in the dust and switched to Swisstrax! Share your story with us for a chance to win a Visa Gift Card.

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