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Cutting Swisstrax Garage Floor Tiles

Swisstrax garage floor tiles have emerged as the epitome of style, durability, and versatility, transforming mundane garage spaces into stunning showcases. However, when faced with obstacles such as stairs, cabinets, or car lifts, it becomes necessary to customize these interlocking tiles to achieve a seamless fit. In this article, we will explore the art of cutting Swisstrax garage floor tiles, highlighting the equipment required and shedding light on their recyclable nature.

Equipment Needed

To effectively cut Swisstrax garage floor tiles and work around objects, a few essential tools and materials are necessary:

Safety Gear
Safety Gear

Prioritize your well-being by wearing protective gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask to guard against any potential hazards.

Meausing Equipment
Measuring Tools

Accurate measurements are crucial when cutting tiles. A tape measure, straight edge, and pencil will aid in marking precise cutting lines.

Cutting Equipment
Cutting Equipment

We recommend three cutting tools to be used depending on your preference and equipment availability. Use a fine-toothed blade for these suggested instruments: circular saw, jigsaw, and table saw.

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Cutting Techniques

Preparation: Before beginning, ensure that the Swisstrax garage floor tiles are clean and free from any debris or obstructions. This will facilitate smooth and accurate cutting.

Measuring and Marking: Take precise measurements of the area that needs to be cut, allowing for a snug fit around the object. Use a straight edge and pencil to mark the cutting lines clearly on the tile surface.



When dealing with intricate cuts, a jigsaw provides optimal control. Align the jigsaw blade with the marked line, ensuring it matches the desired shape. Begin cutting steadily and at a moderate speed, allowing the blade to do the work. Be cautious around corners or curves, using slight angles and smooth movements. Practice patience to achieve clean and accurate results.

Jig Saw


Circular Saw

When cutting Swisstrax garage tiles with a circular saw, it is essential to follow a few simple steps to ensure a clean and precise cut. First, ensure you’re using a fine-toothed blade suitable for cutting plastic materials. After you’ve measured and marked your tile, position the blade just outside the marked line and adjust the butting depth to slightly penetrate the tile. Begin the cut by applying gentle and steady pressure, allowing the saw to do the work. Move the saw along the marked line, maintaining a smooth and controlled motion. Once the cut is complete, inspect the tile for any rough edges and use a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth them out if necessary.

Circular Saw


Table Saw

Set up your table saw with a fine-toothed blade. After measuring and marking the tile, place the tile on the table saw with the marked line aligned with the saw’s blade. Keep a firm grip on the tile and slowly push it forward, allowing the blade to cut through them material. Take care to maintain a steady and controlled feed rate to prevent any chipping or splintering. Once the cut is complete, switch off the table saw and remove the cut tile from the machine. Always remember to prioritize safety and take your time when operating power tools.

Table Saw

Recyclability of Swisstrax Garage Floor Tiles

Swisstrax garage floor tiles have an environmentally friendly side. These tiles are fully recyclable. When the time comes to replace or dispose of the tiles, they can be recycled rather than ending up in landfills. Swisstrax promotes sustainability and encourages users to return old or damaged tiles for recycling, ensuring a greener future.

Recycle Tile

Enjoy Your New Swisstrax Garage Tiles!

Mastering the art of cutting Swisstrax garage floor tiles allows you to transform your garage space into a personalized haven while accommodating various obstacles with precision. With the right tools, careful measurements, and cutting techniques, you can achieve seamless fits around stairs, cabinets, or car lifts. Remember to prioritize safety throughout the process and take advantage of the recyclable nature of Swisstrax tiles when it's time for replacement. With Swisstrax, your garage becomes a place where style, practicality, and sustainability merge harmoniously.

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