The Swisstrax Brand

Get to know the story from Switzerland to Southern California. Learn who is transforming your floor, behind our company, our core culture, philosophy and business practice. Get to know Swisstrax.

Swisstrax Installation

Witness the step by step process of an actual install as this stained and cracked concrete is transformed in before your eyes in minutes. Transform your floor in hours and enjoy it for decades.

Swisstrax Cleaning

Cleaning your Swisstrax Flooring is simple and easy, just choose the most effective approach for your garage environment, and experience the low maintenance benefits first hand.

Ribtrax 101

The Swisstrax Ribtrax Tile is by far the most versatile style and has been the most popular for over 20 years. This open tile measures at 15.75″x15.75″ with a built in .75″ channeling system on the underside of every tile. Ribtrax, where form meets function.