Why Ribtrax Tiles Make Sense for Outdoor Settings

When you’re booth or exhibit is outside, one of the first things to consider is what type of flooring you will use as we conclude that standing on concrete isn’t going to be your first choice. Plus, it’s about presentation and what type of flooring is going to give your exhibit that top notch look?

Here are several reasons why Ribtrax is great for outdoor settings:

  • It’s about the look.
    Our Ribtrax tiles continue to be the top choice for outdoor settings because it elevates the look and feel of an exhibit. Think about it – 19 color choices that can be configured into infinite patterns. Your company’s brand or exhibit design will find a great match with our tile color choices. Even with Jetset Magazine’s outdoor exhibit example, using a single color still provides a standout look as the Ribtrax’s cross-directional design gives dimension to the overall floor.
  • It’s about the comfort.
    Day 1 at an event is usually alright, but what about Day 2 and 3 or even 4? It’s thought by many that carpet is more comfortable under your feet, but it’s definitely not the consensus especially when you’ve stood on our tiles for lengths of time. Another question that we get quite a bit – what if you’re in high heels? No worries, these tiles will be just fine under your heels.
  • It’s about working with Mother Nature
    It wasn’t too long ago when the BNP Paribas international tennis event in Indian Wells, California received a lot of rain throughout the two week tournament. Sometimes the weather can be foreseen, and sometimes it just catches you off guard. When you’re planning your outdoor exhibit, chances are that it’s weeks or even months ahead, so you don’t really know what the weather forecast will be. Thankfully, with the Ribtrax tile design, even rain can’t stop you. The open-profile design coupled with the drainage channels underneath each tile prevent puddles of water from collecting on the surface. Plus – our tiles are safely non-slip when wet.
  • It’s about the name.
    Anywhere and any size, you can incorporate our new printed Graphictrax tile(s) into your floor. Graphictrax is a custom print of any logo, design or image onto premium vinyl that is inset into a tile base that fits right in with our Ribtrax tiles or any 15.75″ tile that we carry.  Whether you want your company name, logo or image to span one tile or several tiles – Graphictrax is the solution.