Ribtrax Pro vs. Ribtrax Smooth Pro: Features, Benefits, and Differences

All Swisstrax tiles offer a variety of benefits and features that should be considered when choosing which tile will work well in your space. Start with considering how you plan to utilize your space. Will you be creating a home gym in your basement or a workshop area to work on DIY home projects? For larger commercial spaces, will you be creating a unique retail display area, or do you want to highlight functional sections within a warehouse to show different departments? Assessing the environment you’ll be utilizing Swisstrax flooring is important so you can match the benefits of each tile with the space.

Ribtrax Pro Tile – Signature Swisstrax Modular Tile

· Tile Size 15.75” x 15.75” x 0.75”
· Perforation 3/16”
· 24-connection points
· Ribbed surfaces
· Withstands 70,000 rollover weight
· 3120 psi compressive strength
· 18 color options (7 specialty colors)
· Ribbed surfaces allow fast drying & high compressive weight strength
· Perforation allows for drainage of liquids and debris.
Recommended Applications
Commercial Garages & Workshop
Home Garage
Detail & Tint Shops
Warehouse & Industrial

Plane Hangar
Trade show & Conferences

Ribtrax Smooth Pro Tile

Tile Size 15.75” x 15.75” x 0.63”
· Perforation 1/8”
· 24 connection points
· Flat smooth surface
· Withstands 60,000 rollover weight
· 2500 psi compressive strength
· 10 color options
· Smooth surfaces great for residential settings for barefoot use or commercial settings with items that roll.
· Perforation allows for drainage of liquids and debris.
Recommended Applications
Home Garage
Home Gym
Detail & Tint Shops
Retail displays

Deck & Patio

Both Ribtrax Pro and Ribtrax Smooth Pro offer amazing benefits and features, but if you’re struggling with choosing which tile would work best in your space, you’ll want to assess the environment in which you’ll be placing the tile. Swisstrax has a team of design experts that want to work with you to provide the best solution. If you’re ready to explore Swisstrax as a flooring option, measure your space and then visit our online floor designer tool to start designing with all the tile options Swisstrax offers or submit a quote request to talk to a Swisstrax design experts.