Oh My Ford!

Six years later and Charlie Arolla is still a big fan of Swisstrax flooring. Between Charlie and his daughter, Cristina, they are on their fourth Swisstrax floor. You may remember that we profiled Cristina’s new garage back in November; well, we’re happy to share Charlie’s new garage with you in this post.

Charlie Arolla's Oh My Ford Garage - Swisstrax FlooringOh My Ford!

How does Charlie squeeze so many beautiful cars into his new garage? With a few lifts, Charlie is able to store some of his prized ponies that clear them out of the way for his other parked cars.  From old school classic to late model beasts, Charlie keeps his cars looking pristine.

The Arolla family is undoubtedly car enthusiasts. Cristina’s new garage was lined with posters and photos that remind her of her childhood and growing up around cars – whether it be at race events or car festivals. Charlie’s garage is no exception – his walls are also a reminder of the family’s passion for all things cars.

A Garage Flooring to Match

Charlie’s garage is a mix of the classic with the new, which is why the classic large checkerboard design would complement any generation of vehicle or overall garage design. Using our Ribtrax tiles – Charlie’s garage will remain looking beautiful with little maintenance needed. By making each square with four tiles interlocked together, the checkerboard design suits the large garage space well.

When designing for larger spaces – the goal is to maximize the “large space” look. If this same size garage had a checkerboard design with only single tiles alternating in color, it could look “too busy” for the space. Charlie’s garage flooring design keeps his space looking expansive.

No matter the color of his cars or array of colors across his walls, using Pearl Silver and Jet Black tiles on his floor ensures that any decor change will always be complemented.