How to Decide on Garage Tile Colors

Sometimes the more options that you have, the harder the decision might be. Especially when it comes to our Ribtrax tiles, we have 19 colors for you to choose from. Do you go mild or do you go wild? We’ve certainly seen some crazy great floors that definitely show a lot of personality and we also have a lot of customers who enjoy the very classic complementing feel of our most popular tile colors.

Which garage tile colors are most popular?

Definitely the Jet Black, Pearl Silver, Slate Grey, Racing Red and Royal Blue are our most popular Ribtrax tile colors. For one, these colors can match most any car color or garage design that you already have. There’s flexibility in using these popular colors because even if you decided to change aspects of your garage post-floor install, you’ll continue to have a nice design match.

What’s the first step to take in deciding on tile colors?

This is a big deal. We understand. Especially because it’s you who will be looking at your floor every day – and likely for years. The first step to take in deciding on tile colors is to order a sample pack or two of our tiles.  Depending upon which tile you are interested in – the available colors will vary. As we talked about in our opening paragraph, our Ribtrax tiles come in 19 colors.

Each tile sample pack comes with your choice of two colors and shipping is included for customers in the contiguous U.S. If you would like to have a few colors to look at, then you can also order a few sample packs. The best part? If you order flooring, we’ll credit your order in the amount of the sample pack.

Now, let’s take a look.

Once you’ve received your tile sample pack(s), lay them out on the floor and take a general observation of how the tile and its color looks in relation to your garage.  While putting multiple colors together can give you too many ideas, start to put two or even three colors together that can feasibly create a great design for your garage.