Benefits of Modular Flooring for Detail Shops

If you’re like us, you spend an inordinate amount of time in your shop working on those necessary projects for your clients. Everything has its place including tools, jack stands, parts, and cleaning supplies. Just like you, we take pride in keeping our workspace clean and organized.


Detail shops are in an industry where reputation and quality of service matters since a majority of the time new business is brought on by positive word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, little aspects of the service you provide and how you present yourself as a business really count when your clients come to your detail shop business. 

Whether it’s the brand of cleaning solutions you use, the quality of your customer service, or the look of your shop. As a business owner you should always be seeking out ways to make yourself stand out against the competition. 

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Prestige Auto Detailing

Swisstrax offers an ideal alternative to standard concrete and epoxy flooring while being the perfect solution to enhance the look of your business. Don’t let your customers beautiful cars sit on an oil-stained and cracked concrete floors. Now you can design a personalized, custom branded flooring solution to improve the look of your business and impress your clients.

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Detail Shop Floor with Swisstrax

The Swisstrax modular flooring systems are eye-catching, simple to assemble, easy to maintain and backed by industry leading warranties. Whether you run a tint, wrap or detail shop, Swisstrax flooring offers benefits that normal concrete floors can’t deliver. Not only will Swisstrax tiles upgrade the look of your shop, but the flooring systems works at a functional level as well. 

Allows cleaning chemicals & water to drain to your subsurface floor.
Detail equipment won’t be dragged around in pooled water.Helps reduce the number of dust & debris in shops. 
Flooring is portable. Can move when you move.
Doesn’t deteriorate or degrade over time.Stands up to cleaning solutions.
Withstands heavy lifting equipment like jack lifts. 
Rolling casters easily maneuver over tiles.Gives your business a polished and professional look.
Helps prolong the life of your concrete floor subsurface.Ergonomic benefits with Swisstrax tile compared to standing on concrete all day.You won’t traipse around in dirty water because the tile elevates you off sub-flooring.

“My garage isn’t just a showroom, but it’s actually a place where some serious detailing goes on. When I’m doing a detail job, that’s where the (Swisstrax) floor really helps enhance the process for me. So if I’m laying equipment down the floor, I don’t ever have to worry about my equipment being in water or dirt. It keeps dust down. It’s a very effective flooring system.” 

-Rick, Owner of RAD Garage

Add That Personal Touch

As a business, don’t let branding take a back seat to your daily tasks. Swisstrax offers a custom Graphictrax Pro tile option where we’ll place your business logo into a Swisstrax tile. Perfect tile option for any type of automotive shop, Graphictrax Pro can be designed to fit on one tile or enlarged to be placed over a larger area.

New 3D Design Tool

Are you thinking of designing your floor on your own? Use the Swisstrax online 3D floor designer to custom build a floor based your space size, desired tile type, colors, and more. You can even customize with typical shop accessories like cabinets, desks, car lifts, and other random furniture items. So you can really get a feel for what your shop will look like with a new Swisstrax floor system. 

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Hear From Detail Shop Owner

One of our favorite things about Swisstrax is the wide variety of products from which to choose. With different styles and colors, you can personalize your space to your liking. Swisstrax even offers a virtual floor designer that allows you to see exactly how it will look before purchasing.

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