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Wild Garage Floor Designs

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed seeing the custom flooring designs that our customers come up with. When it comes to our Ribtrax tile especially, the 19 color option has really allowed some creative minds to come up with a wild garage flooring design.

We’ve seen college mascots like the Texas Longhorns image created out of our Tropical Orange tiles. We’ve seen numbers, letters and initials spelled out with our tiles as well. While made to last for years and years, the great part about our tiles is that you can redesign your floor using all or a part of your existing stock at any time. As easy as it is to install our flooring tiles, it’s just as easy to disassemble and to reconfigure.

In our featured wild garage flooring image, it’s the epitome of taking some of our most unique and standout colors and creating two designs that are in stark contrast to each other. One side has the more traditional (and extremely popular) Jet Black and Pearl Silver colors, while the other side has our bright Techno Green and Tropical Orange tiles in a modular box design.

In the case of a garage floor redesign and you’re not sure how many more tiles will be needed to complete your vision, our Floor Designer can help you count out the pieces. When you’re done designing, you’ll see how many tiles of each color are needed. Simply deduct the tiles you have on hand and you’ll know what to order.

Have fun designing and don’t be afraid to get wild!

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