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Vinyltrax Tile Debuts

Where can you use our new Vinyltrax tiles?

For starters, the garage is a great place for it. Here is the debut of our new tiles in a garage setting. Using our Light Maple (and very realistic) wood grain pattern, you can see how these tiles give a unique and classy look.  Withstanding up to 25,000 lbs in rollover weight, you won’t have to be concerned about driving your vehicle over it.

While we’ve especially been known for our other garage flooring tiles, especially Ribtrax Pro, we set out to create the next best flooring tile innovation with Vinyltrax. After contemplating endless options of patterns, we settled on five wood grains – Light Maple, Medium Maple, Reclaimed Pine, Dark Oak and Black Oak. We also added a Carbon Fiber vinyl option.

How is Vinyltrax Made?

Vinyltrax tiles consist of a premium vinyl that is inset into a Polyproyplene base – the same material that our other tiles including Ribtrax are made out of.  The tile base has the same patented channeling system as the Ribtrax tile – which ensures maximum air flow underneath for a sturdy and comfortable feel.

Measuring 15.75″ x 15.75″ – Vinyltrax tiles can be combined with any other 15.75″ sized tile in our collection. In this application, we’ve put Vinyltrax in the center of a Ribtrax perimeter.

As with all of our existing tiles, you’ll be able to order sample Vinyltrax tiles to see this new look for yourself. We know you’ll be floored!

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Vinyltrax Tile Debut

Vinyltrax Tile Debut

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