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Consider Teal Because It’s Different

When we look through our archives of photos, it’s easy to see which tile colors are the most popular. It’s going to be the traditional and classic Jet Black, Racing Red and varying greys including Pearl Silver and Slate Grey tiles. One reason why these colors are so popular is because they can match most cars in a given setting and it’s versatile enough to complement any room or space. Plus, these colors are also synonymous with a motorsports and automotive type of vibe. You just can’t go wrong….really!

Take a Chance on Teal

We’ll even dare say that anytime you have our flooring down, you’re going to turn heads. However, beyond just the popular tile colors, we have a selection of 19 colors and one of them is Teal. Yes, we are going to just talk about Teal in this post – we’ll reserve other posts to talk about other cool colors including Techno Green, Cosmic Purple and Carnival Pink.

Teal is one of those colors that gives your floor a cool sophistication that is not seen everywhere. While this floor was used at  an event exhibit, it can easily transplant into any garage, patio, pool deck or room and look stunning. Teal makes you think of the beach or the ocean. It’s a brilliant tropical color.

Choose Teal

This exhibit floor was recently seen at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions in Scottsdale, Arizona. While we are a preferred flooring supplier to Barrett-Jackson and covered over 100,000 sq ft of the event, this floor really stood out amongst all of the exhibits.

We’re quite sure that Escort, the exhibiting company, chose Teal because it matched the color of their logo, but it’s a great way for us to demonstrate the appeal of a non-traditional color.

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