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Swisstrax Premium Floor Tiles For Your Garage

Swisstrax offers a way to transform your garage by upgrading the flooring to a durable surface and with an eye-catching design by installing their Premium Floor Tiles. Over time and many projects, the garage floor becomes an eyesore thanks to stains and cracks. Regardless of being in an earthquake-prone area or not, cracks appear in the garage floor and catch a variety of debris along as well as detracting from the visual appeal of your home. Keeping your garage beautiful and functional is one of the great features of Swisstrax products.

Features and Specifications

These Premium Garage Tiles come in a variety of colors and even custom logos are available for home or commercial applications. Thanks to the non-slip design, the garage is safer when spills or the elements intrude upon your space. Premium Garage Floor Tiles come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. However, users will not need to worry about these tiles because Swisstrax Premium Garage Floor Tiles feature UV stabilizers that ensure they are fade resistant. Along with fade resistance, Swisstrax ensures their quality thanks to 5,120 psi compression strength testing that ensures they are perfect for both commercial or residential use. For those with a home shop space, this means these tiles will stand up to work trucks as well as your restomod LS-powered Apache truck or new brand Corvette.

Additional Information and Custom Designs

The installation is simple and requires no fancy tools, but it will require a few hours of your time depending on the size of the space. For information about custom artwork or logos, contact Swisstrax directly. For more information about Swisstrax Premium Garage Floor Tiles please take a few minutes to explore the Swisstrax website. Their website offers customers a gorgeous gallery of images displaying the many colors and styles of their products.


Ready to get started? Shop online, get a quote, or use our online 3D floor designer tool today. Or visit our main blog page for more helpful information about Swisstrax modular flooring systems.

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