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Added Flare for Event Flooring

The BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells is about to be in full swing. The annual acclaimed international tennis tournament draws the world’s best players who compete for the championship. The event is hosted at the sprawling Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, California. While much of the focus will begin to shift to the tennis courts, on the event grounds, you will see plenty of exhibits and vendors – and of course, thousands of square feet of Swisstrax flooring!

Lavazza Goes Green

We love featuring floor designs that use a color other than our most popular ones. Why? Well, besides seeing that our most popular colors can work in any setting, we like to share a different view of how other colors can make your floor an attraction. For event flooring, especially, going bold usually commands a lot of attention.

This Lavazza exhibit floor, for example, takes a bold Turf Green Ribtrax Pro tile and is highlighted by a Royal Blue Ribtrax tennis court design. For one, the theme of the flooring design really fits in well with the sporting event. Second, this design takes some very traditional tennis colors and makes it an eye-catching floor.

Choose Teal

Why Ribtrax Tiles are Suited for Events

Last year, the BNP Paribas Open endured a lot of wind and rain during the tournament. For outdoor exhibits, especially, there is a big advantage to using our Ribtrax tile – an open-profile tile designed with 1/4″ drainage channels underneath. The rain water simply drains through the tile and you won’t have to worry about any puddles on top of your flooring.

The terrain in which outdoor exhibits are on aren’t always the flattest. The good news is that Ribtrax tiles are able to endure some uneven ground. Overall, the tiles will give you a floor that is eye-catching and comfortable for your visitors. With 19 colors to choose from, dare to be a little different and choose some bold colors. To complete your event floor, look into our custom logo tiles which will ensure that your company’s name and brand is seen by everyone.

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