Welcome to the Swisstrax Floor Designer!

Start creating your floor today through our guided steps on the left. The progress bar above will indicate which step you are on.

At any time, you can go back to any step in the design process by clicking on the left handed tabs.

Start by selecting your Room Shape in Step 1.

Step One
Choose the general shape of your room.
Dimensions and angled walls can be adjusted in steps 2 and 3.
Step Two
Drag the arrows to select the dimensions of your room, or input the values in the Room Dimensions boxes below.
Please enter your measurement in feet and inches: Ex: 16'9"
Step Three
If you have angled walls, click and select one of the blue areas, then use the buttons at each corner to adjust size of the angled walls.
Please enter your measurement in feet and inches: Ex: 16'8"
Step Four
Choose your 1st Tile and Color to start. Then, click Next to continue your custom design with additional tile and color choices
Step Five
Choose your pattern and color, and then click and drag to apply.
Colors may vary from what your screen displays.
Step Six
Complete your floor with Edges and Corners.
Choose your color, then click and drag to add the edges and corners on your floor design.
Step Seven
For areas with large cabinets, permanent fixtures or structures, the Non-tile Area tool allows you to indicate where these objects are. The Floor Designer tool will automatically recalculate the tiles needed to complete your floor design.

*Please add the number of tiles, edges and corners necessary to complete your flooring design to the cart. Making sure the adequate item total is added prior to finalizing your order. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call at 866-748-7940 or contact us, one of our Flooring Specialists will gladly assist you.

Pro Tiles Home Tiles

Select Tile and Color, then click Next.
Click on tiles in the designer to apply your selections.
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