SwissTrax Garage Floor Designer

RibTrax Corners
Each RibTrax corner is 2.5" x 2.5" with a tapered edge
RibTrax Edges
Each RibTrax edge is equal to 15.75" x 2.5" with a tapered edge
RibTrax Tiles
Each RibTrax tile is equal to 15.75" x 15.75" & interlock
Overall Floor Dimensions
Width: 0'0"
Height: 0'0"

Jet Black
Arctic White
Slate Gray
Pearl Silver
Racing Red
Island Blue
Turf Green
Citrus Yellow
Chocolate Brown
Terra Cotta
Mocha Java
Tropical Orange
Pearl Gray
Techno Green
Carnival Pink
Royal Blue
Cosmic Purple

Jet Black Edges
Arctic White Edges
Slate Gray Edges
Pearl Silver Edges
Racing Red Edges
Island Blue Edges
Turf Green Edges
Citrus Yellow Edges
Chocolate Brown Edges
Terra Cotta Edges
Ivory Edges
Mocha Java Edges
Teal Edges
Tropical Orange Edges
Pearl Gray Edges
Techno Green Edges
Carnival Pink Edges
Royal Blue Edges
Cosmic Purple Edges