LEED Certification

LEED Certifications

Rubbertrax Carbon Footprint Report

Swisstrax requested a third-party comparison of the lifetime carbon footprint of the Swisstrax Rubbertrax product and that of the most popular garage floor finishing method, epoxy coating.  This comparison revealed several interesting facts.

  • Epoxy floors require significant surface preparation of the concrete base in order to get the best possible adhesion of the coating. Manufacturers recommend grinding the concrete surface to achieve the best “grab”.
  • Epoxy coatings evolve copious amounts of VOCs in their curing phase, often over 1 lb per gallon of mixed product
  • Epoxy floors are not a one-coat solution. Most producers of these products recommend the application of a primer coat, a color coat and a clear topcoat to get the best results.
  • Epoxy floors are not durable. It is this lack of durability that has the greatest effect on carbon footprint and cost of ownership.
  • A survey of several leading producers of epoxy products revealed that the use warranty averages three years, with some of the more expensive products offering no warranty whatsoever. Rubbertrax is warranted against failure in normal use for twelve years from the time of purchase.

Rubbertrax 3rd Party Verification

“Congratulations!  I am pleased to inform you that we have received all of the necessary documentation to establish that we can provide third-party verification that your Rubbertrax product meets the requirements for incorporation into building projects requiring recycled content.

Our site visit to your facility and that of your molding contractor, and the materials certification that you have provided to us, serve as verified proof that the recycled content of your Rubbertrax product is 100% postconsumer waste and that the product is composed entirely of the postconsumer recycled base material.  Based on our review of your documentation, as well as that of your vendors, and our on-site inspection of your fabrication process, we can confirm that 100% of the purchase price of the Rubbertrax product can be applied towards calculating the total cost of the recycled materials in a building project.

Please consider this letter to be our official third-party verification of the recycled content of your Rubbertrax flooring product.”

Read the original letter of verification by downloading the PDF in the right sidebar.

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