Custom Logo Tiles

Logo Tiles for the Garage or Work Shop

Custom logo tiles are a great way to show your affinity for a particular brand or sports team.  Or, you can create your own custom logo tile design. Select you tile style and then select your logo or image. We also have pre-designed custom logo tile kits. Call us to speak with one of our flooring specialists to create your perfect custom logo tile design.

Logo Tiles Extend Your Company’s Branding Efforts

While a Swisstrax event floor certainly provides that professional and polished look to any exhibit, trade show booth or area, incorporating your company’s logo into the floor adds to the overall branding efforts. A custom logo tile keeps your brand at the forefront and is the perfect final touch to any Swisstrax event floor.

Custom logo tiles can be on one tile to spanning several interlocking tiles.  The size and style is completely customized to your needs. We offer two types of logo tiles – Standard Logo Tiles and Contour Cut Logo Tiles.

Graphictrax Logo, Standard Logo Tiles and Contour Cut Logo Tiles

Graphictrax is our newest and best option for logo tiles. Printed on a premium vinyl that is inset into our tiles, this option is affordable and allows for single to multi-tile sizes. In addition to printing company logos on Graphictrax, custom images and patterns can also be printed. The possibilities are endless!

A Standard Logo Tile uses a modular decal shape with rounded corners. Standard logo tiles can be used within one tile or span several interlocking tiles. From a square to a rectangle, the advantages of a standard logo tile is that the decal can be removed and replaced at any time. With a modular decal space, a new printed decal can you inserted. This option is great for multi-event uses where company branding messages or sponsor logos may change.

A Contour Cut Logo Tile traces around the non-modular shape of the logo or image design. This logo tile option provides the ultimate in customization, however it is not meant to be replaced with other decals as the shape will not match.  The Contour Cut Logo Tile is a great option for permanent floors as well as event floors where logos will not be changing.

Custom Logo Tiles in Single Tile or Multi-Interlocking Tiles

Our custom logo tiles are popular in use with a single Swisstrax modular tile and also with larger scale multi-interlocking tiles. When using a single custom logo tile, you retain the option of being able to move the tile within several spots of your floor. With a larger scale multi-interlocking custom logo tile, you will may be more limited in your ability to change its location within a floor.

Pay close attention to the logo tile’s direction as it will be determined by the placement of the logo decal.

NASCAR Graphictrax Logo Tile


Shelby floor with custom logo tile - Swisstrax garage flooring


Barrett-Jackson Swisstrax Logo Tile


Meguiar's Swisstrax Custom Single Logo Tile

SINGLE DECAL LOGO TILE [tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”6″]