Garage with a Step Up

Step up garage - Swisstrax FlooringA garage is not just a space to park your car, it’s a room that can have a lot of character and outfitting it the right way can certainly highlight its best aspects. Take our featured garage, for example, an extra large three bay garage with a step up that leads to another work area.

This customer decided to go with an all Jet Black Ribtrax floor which makes the garage look very expansive. With the cross-directional design of the tile, even a single color tile floor has shade variances that give it a look that resembles carbon fiber.


How to tile a step up

Step up garage - Swisstrax FlooringThe best way to tile a garage with a step up is to first design the main level. This will be the same process as any single level garage.

Next, on the step up, our recommendation is to put a tile edge on the edge of the step to give a finished look. This, again, is the same as putting tile edges along the side where the garage door opens for that same finished look.

From the step up’s tile edge, you can continue to install tiles as outlined in our instructions. You will notice that there is a corner where the tile edges must make a 90-degree angle. You will end up receiving two mitered edges that will be cut at 45-degrees to accommodate this 90-degree inside corner.