Is a Garage Car Pad Right for You?

With our tiles, you can cut around any fixture – even permanent cabinets and columns. We’ve also had many customers with lifts in their garages who simply install our interlocking tiles around the posts. However, we do understand that not everyone may want to install flooring in their entire garage. Luckily, our modular tiles give you that design flexibility.

Should You Have a Garage Car Pad?

When you don’t want to cover your entire floor with interlocking tiles, then a car pad is the next best option for particular areas.  In this post’s example, the garage utilizes car pads between the lift posts. When working on cars, the 1/4″ drainage channel design in our Ribtrax tiles allows for fluids and debris to fall through to the ground instead of creating puddles in your work area.

Car pads are popular in both single and double car widths. Our pre-designed car pads incorporate our most popular colors, but you also have the choice to custom create your own car pad with a different length and width. Our licensed partner car pads are available with Ford, Dodge and John Deere logos, but keep in mind that we can print any custom image and incorporate it into your floor.