Swisstrax Rubbertrax

Swisstrax is a pioneer and the recognized leader in the polymer tile field, providing durable, attractive flooring systems for use in high traffic areas in commercial and residential applications.  The Rubbertrax product line has several features which make it attractive to architects creating LEED certified projects

Swisstrax presents designers and architects with the opportunity to specify flooring material that helps them reach their project LEED credit goals and brings a two-fold benefit in reaching certification – Regionally Sourced Materials and Recycled Content.
Swisstrax recycled rubber floor tiles

Created from Regionally Sourced Materials

All of the materials used in Rubbertrax are sourced within 500 miles of the Swisstrax factory in Indio, California.  Other manufacturers ship their raw materials across the country or even import them from overseas, preventing them from reliably certifying their products as having regional content.  Rubbertrax helps you obtain your project’s LEED MR 5 credits.

100% Post-consumer Recycled Content

Swisstrax Rubbertrax tiles contain 100% post-consumer recycled content, giving you the maximum material contribution towards your LEED MR 4 credits.  The tiles are a blend of 100% post-consumer recycled rubber and 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene.

Rubbertrax is the only modular rubber tile in the world using 100% post-consumer recycled material and made entirely from regionally sourced materials.  Rubbertrax is not only a superior product from a pioneer in the polymer tile field; it provides you with a reliable, third-party certified component input for your project LEED certification.  Architects will be able to claim the maximum number of available credits for the use of recycled content and they will gain additional credits for the use of regionally sourced materials.

Swisstrax’s use of post-consumer recycled materials and regional content in its Rubbertrax product far exceeds the LEED standard, because Swisstrax believes in sustainable manufacturing and the use of high quality raw materials that would otherwise find their way to the landfill.  As a demonstration of their commitment to ensuring that materials stay out of the landfill, Swisstrax will buy back the flooring at a fair price, should you ever remove it.