Rubbertrax Work Mat - Swisstrax Floor Tiles

Recycled Rubber Flooring by Swisstrax

The Rubbertrax line of modular flooring tiles from Swisstrax is the perfect combination of innovation, sustainability and durability. This impressive product is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and is LEEDS points certified. It has never been easier to install a strong, functional, long lasting floor and “go green” at the same time!

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Commercial Gym Flooring - Swisstrax Floor Tile

Commercial Gym Floor Options

There are thousands of commercial gyms across the country with great types of flooring. But what is most important when it comes to the floor of a gym? A gym floor must accommodate and cater to customer’s needs by having the proper flooring available for safety and comfort. Commercial gyms also need to have a type of flooring that can also stand up to a busy traffic flow and lots of wear and tear.

What Type of Commercial Gym Floor is Ideal?

A popular type of commercial gym flooring is rubber (See recycled floor tiles). In fact, rubber flooring is the most common type of floor in commercial gyms today. Rubber sports flooring is commercial grade and made of the best quality on the market. You will find this type of flooring in gyms all over the United States.

One common type of rubber flooring is the rubber roll. A rubber roll is used to cover a large area with a nearly seamless look. It provides the best amount of cushioned resilience, durability and will hold for many years. Rubber rolls are also great for smaller gyms. This option comes with interlocking tiles making it easy to assemble and do not require any additional adhesive materials. The standard size of rubber flooring is 3/8’” thick or 5/16” thick. Usually gyms will use a thicker material because of weights that are regularly dropped on the floor. Rubber rolls are very cost efficient as well.

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Ramona Body Shop with Rubbertrax

A Better Alternative to Epoxy Flooring

When you select the optimal flooring, it can give an attractive and sleek look to any basement, commercial venue or workshop. Swisstrax commercial flooring is a great alternative to standard epoxy flooring. That’s why increasingly more and more savvy homeowners are going with Swisstrax. This innovative type of flooring is ideal for businesses ranging from restaurants and dance centers to doctor’s offices or salons.

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