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Home Gym Flooring

It’s still the first quarter of 2015 and hopefully everyone who has made the resolution to exercise more is still sticking to the plan. The most difficult part about fitting in a workout in your day is quite simply – finding the time. Do you want to get up extra early to go to the gym and then get ready for work? Or, do you want to work a full day and then hit the gym afterwards when all you REALLY want to do is relax.

One solution? A home gym – something that everyone believes will help them stick to a workout routine more. We couldn’t agree more with this plan but putting together a home gym requires some planning.

Things to consider for home gym flooring

1. Are you going to dedicate an entire room to a home gym or just a section of a larger room such as the living room or basement?

2. Which pieces of gym equipment are essential to help you achieve your goals? Is it a treadmill, an elliptical machine or a weights set-up?

3. Working out is about keeping the mind focused. How will you build your gym environment? Will you put photos and posters up that inspire you?

4. Entertainment. We all love to work out to some great music or even to your favorite television programming. Figure out which pieces of technology you will incorporate in your gym room or area that will best be viewed or heard as you work out.

5. Lastly, what type of flooring will you put in your gym? We see the soft rubber matting in many gyms, but Swisstrax flooring can be a great solution for the home gym. The flooring is functional and will give the entire gym room or area a complete look. With several colors to choose from, you can design and show creativity in how you plan out your personal gym space.