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Rubber Floor Tiles

A great alternative to more expensive methods of flooring, including epoxy, are rubber floor tiles from Swisstrax. No matter where you may need new flooring, whether it’s in your home, office, camper, or around the pool, Swisstrax rubber floor tiles will save you money and give your flooring area a new, great look. You no longer need to worry about high costs when it comes to replacing a floor. Swisstrax rubber floor tiles are easy to assemble and replace if necessary.

Rubber floor tiles are much more comfortable to stand and walk on than traditional plastic or epoxy flooring. In your home’s high-traffic areas, Swisstrax rubber floor tiles give you a more comfortable stride that you won’t get with anything else.

Swisstrax rubber floor tiles are environmentally-friendly as well. Swisstrax reduces greenhouse gases by millions of tons of carbon annually by using recycled rubber to make rubber floor tiles. With a grant from the State of California, Swisstrax rubber floor tiles are able to be manufactured with this recycled rubber. You can rest assured that when you purchase your Swisstrax rubber floor tiles that no waste was created in the manufacturing process.

The variety and numerous styles of rubber floor tiles that Swisstrax has available allows you the opportunity to make your floors unique. However, due to the fact that we use recycled tires to make our rubber floor tiles, they are only available in jet black. Click on our free custom floor design tool on the right to send us your unique design.

Rubber Floor Tiles Specifications

Material: 75% Thermoplastic Elastomer & 25% Polypropylene copolymer
Chemical Resistance: (UV stabilized)
Alkalis: Excellent
Acids / Solvents: Good
Tile weight: 32 oz.
Slide: Non-slip
Temperature tolerances: -38F to 253F
Compressive strength: 1200 psi

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