Lincoln Electric has industrial floor tiles. - Swisstrax commercial work shop flooring

Industrial Floor Tiles

Industrial buildings have a lot of equipment that aren’t necessarily clean or easy on flooring materials. Swisstrax interlocking tiles are perfect for use as industrial floor tiles.

Strength is a Factor in Industrial Floor Tiles

Industrial floor tiles need to be capable of handling tremendous pressures. It is also important that the industrial floor tiles can handle the stresses put on the tile. If an industrial floor tile cannot handle the wear and tear that occurs in an industrial building then it would be a waste of money. However, Swisstrax has a great product for industrial floor tiles with a rollover strength of 70,000 lbs. The material is strong and durable. These tiles were created to take great amounts of pressure without becoming deformed or broken.

Our Interlocking Floor Tiles are Low Maintenance

Swisstrax interlocking tiles are easy to maintain.  The floor is easy to clean with a simple shop vac, hose or pressure washer. This will cost less in the long run by cutting maintenance costs associated with an industrial building. Swisstrax industrial floor tiles make sense.

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