Unparalleled Hangar Flooring Strength

Choosing the right hangar flooring is essential. Factors including strength, durability and long-term maintenance requirements are important. Using our interlocking tiles is the first step in making a great choice for your hangar.

Hangar Flooring - Swisstrax Interlocking Tiles

Install Your Hangar Flooring with Ease

A DIY project, our interlocking floor tiles are easy to install. Each tile interlocks into the next tile with no special tools required. Slight pressure with the palm of your hand is enough to interlock tiles. While hangars are a large space, you can expect to have your hangar flooring fully installed within a day (depending on its total size) unlike epoxy which takes major preparation and several days to a week to complete, not to mention even more time to fully cure. As soon as you install our tiles, the hangar floor is complete and ready to be used.


Ribtrax Hangar Flooring

Hangar Flooring Tile - Ribtrax - SwisstraxOur Ribtrax tiles are the best choice for hangar flooring. It's ability to withstand up to 75,000 lbs. of rollover weight make it an ideal candidate for aircraft hangars.

Several features of the Ribtrax also add to its functional use as hangar flooring. The open-profile tile design allows for small debris to fall through to the ground, allowing the surface to remain relatively clean. Choose from 19 colors to start designing your standout custom floor. With UV stabilizers manufactured within the tile, you can be sure to have the tile color remain brilliant for years. 

Ready to see this tile for yourself? Order a Ribtrax sample pack today!



Low Maintenance Flooring

One of the best features of our tiles is being low maintenance.  We recommend conducting a semi-annual cleaning of your floor. A hose or pressure washer is sufficient in pushing away any top laying debris as well as pushing the debris below the tile out through its drainage channels. When the tile surface has additional dirt or marks, using a mild solution of detergent (example: Simple Green) and water is typically enough to remove the marks.


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