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"We are beyond excited and blessed to have such beautiful and brightly colored new flooring in our gymnasium to replace the old and dingy painted concrete that once was there.  Aside from how happy the children are to play in such a colorful and wonderfully welcoming space, we are thankful that they have a quality, safe and slip-free floor to play on thanks to Swisstrax.  Special thanks to Randy and Swisstrax for blessing the less fortunate of our valley!"  - Joe Jordan, Co-founder, Jordan Outreach Ministries

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Furthering its mission to contribute to local non-profit organizations who continue to make an impact in the Southern California region, Swisstrax flooring has outfitted Jordan Outreach Ministries (JOM) with over 11,000 square feet of Sportrax modular tile flooring. Working with Joseph Jordan, co-founder of Jordan Outreach Ministries with his wife Kris, Swisstrax CEO and President Randy Nelson turned a chance meeting at a local gym into being a part of the organization’s efforts in assisting local families by providing flooring to JOM’s facility in Indio, CA.

“I saw all of the great work they were doing for families not only here in the valley but out of their facility in LA. They have been feeding, housing and ministering to the population for decades. Swisstrax wanted to be a part of this great crusade to help our local population in need as well as make the children’s experience at the Jordan Christian Academy (JCA) just a little more special,” said Nelson.

Originally bare concrete, the JCA gym floor is now outfitted with Sportrax – Swisstrax’s premier modular sports tile flooring most often used for sports and gym applications. Creating a colorful design with Citrus Yellow, Turf Green and Royal Blue Sportrax tiles, the gym utilizes the tiles to create defined lines that create the same borders used on a basketball court. In JCA’s outdoor areas, Sportrax tiles were installed to create hopscotch and other popular children’s playground games.

Dedicated to his faith, Nelson was enthusiastic to be a part of JOM and JCA’s efforts. “The children saw what we were doing and were anxious to start bouncing balls and shoot hoops before we even got finished!” recalled Nelson. “With the volunteer help of a local chapter of Victory Outreach, Joe and Randy were able to install all of the flooring in one and half days – wall-to-wall.

Reflecting on his experience with Joe and the JOM organization, Nelson said, “I have been involved in many different charitable organizations over the years but to be able to help local families and be a part of their day-to-day life is a blessing. Working with Joe and the academy is a small example of doing God’s work within our local community. JCA serves meals and breaks bread with local families in need and feed their souls with Jesus all at the same time. We are blessed to be a part of this great organization.”



In the fall of 1997, Jordan Outreach Ministries began under the umbrella of Fred Jordan Missions as Fred Jordan Missions-Coachella Valley. In 2001, Fred Jordan Missions-Coachella Valley moved out from under the umbrella of Fred Jordan Missions and became Jordan Outreach Ministries, an independent, Christian, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

Established in 2006, Jordan Christian Academy is an outreach school committed to providing students with a Christ-centered, quality education in order to prepare them for the future God has for them; in an atmosphere where God’s love is experienced daily; and where learning is fun in the process.

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