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Our garage flooring tiles are known for being the premier choice in garage flooring today for many reasons. As a DIY install with no special tools required, a garage can receive a complete transformation in just a few hours depending on the size. Our tiles are manufactured to the highest standards with constant quality control measurements in place.

Deciding on garage flooring tiles is an investment and our tiles provide a durable floor covering that is backed by a 15-year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. The UV stabilizers in our tiles ensure that your brilliant and colorful floor is fade resistant. With compressive strength of 5,120 psi, our tiles stand up to the test. Our tile design provides equal strength throughout the entire tile - thus eliminating the possibility of weak spots.

Garages are places where we park, store and maintain our vehicles, compatibility to everyday use is a must. Our tiles are non-slip and have excellent resistance to oil, gas and other automotive fluids including Skydrol. Our tiles also demonstrate good resistance to solvents and acids.


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Options in Garage Flooring Tiles

Ribtrax Garage Flooring Tile - Swisstrax

Ribtrax Garage Flooring Tile

Our Ribtrax tile is the most popular garage flooring option for several reasons. The open-profile design has drainage channels underneath which makes for easy cleaning and alleviates moisture from resting on top of the tile.

Withstanding up to 70,000 lbs. of rollover weight, Ribtrax is used in both heavy duty commercial settings as well as residential garages.

The only tile in our collection with 19 colors available, you can truly achieve a unique design that reflects your vision.

Ready to see this tile for yourself? Order a Ribtrax sample pack today!



Diamondtrax Garage Flooring Tile

A sturdy, rugged look, the Diamondtrax garage floor tile is popular for garages with its diamond tread pattern. A solid surface tile, cleaning a Diamondtrax floor is easy with a mop and some mild cleaning solution.

The diamond tread design also provides traction. Available in 6 colors, we have seen Diamondtrax used in many garages that house motorcycles and off-road vehicles.

Ready to see this tile for yourself? Order a Diamondtrax sample pack today!



Floortrax Interlocking Tile - SwisstraxFloortrax Garage Flooring Tile

For a lightly textured classic look, we have Floortrax, a 13" tile that is available in 7 colors. A solid tile, garages with Floortrax will have a more flat surface look compared to our other tiles with bolder patterns.

Ready to see this tile for yourself? Order a Floortrax sample pack today!

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