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From garage flooring, patios, showrooms, and fitness rooms to aircraft hangars and other work areas, Swisstrax, the next generation of garage floors, has the answer.

Swisstrax garage floors are durable, have a non-slip, non-staining surface, and are easy to clean. Our garage floors are even backed by a 15 year warranty! Swisstrax also offers a program for recycled garage floors. Read how our Rubbertrax program turns recycled parts into guaranteed quality and low cost garage floors.

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Portable Garage Floors

Swisstrax garage floors offer every home owner and business the all around solution and get this, if you move, you can take it with you. Retain your investment for your next home or place of business with our portable garage flooring.

Perfect Fit Garage Floors

Swisstrax produces garage floors that will fit perfectly in any room or area. Enjoy the freedom of customizing your floor tiles until you are fully satisfied. Because our garage floors can be moved or added to suit the needs or dimensions of your floor space, each tile has visible connectors exposed around the perimeter.

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To hide these connectors, we have designed edges and corners that will connect to your garage floors, giving them sharper look. We offer edges and corner in all colors corresponding to our garage floors.

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