A garage floor covering protects your foundation for years to come.

Garage Floor Covering by Swisstrax

Garages are notorious dingy, dirty places, typically uninspiring, if not a total disaster. For people with beautiful cars, sleek motorcycles, or ATVS they want to show off, having an ugly garage isn’t an option. The problem is, no matter how uncluttered your garage is, the cement floor still makes the room look bland and dank. Cement floors are difficult to clean: they crack, and any stains on them are often permanent.

Change the Game with a Sleek Garage Floor Covering

It’s time to transform the appearance of your garage with one simple, DIY project: installing an effective garage floor covering. Don’t like the unsightly cracks in your cement floor? Cover them up! Hate how your vehicle fluid stains the concrete permanently? Choose the easy-clean alternative! With Swisstrax tiles as a garage floor covering, you opt for a flooring option that is not only attractive, but stunningly simple to maintain.

While Swisstrax offers a variety of tiles that serve various functions, for garage floor coverings, we recommend using our sturdy, multipurpose Ribtrax tile. Our Ribtrax tiles, as their name suggests, features an attractive ribbed design. These tiles take on a subtle, checkerboard appearance when all the tiles are interlocked. With a rollover strength of 70,000 lbs, and a PSI up to 4,049, this maximum-strength tile accommodates even your heaviest vehicles.

Installation is easy-shmeasy. Though our technicians can install the floor for you, most of our customers find it perfectly doable themselves. Even your kids can help you click the tiles into place. As you continue to use your Ribtrax tiles, if one happens to become damaged, you can easily remove it—even if it’s in the dead center of the floor. Our tiles can be extracted regardless of their position within the system. Just pop ‘em right out!

Customize Garage Floor Covering Like the Pros

Whether you want a garage floor covering from wall to wall, or only pads under individual vehicles, Swisstrax tiles can make your vehicle showpieces stand out. Some of our customers that love showing off gorgeous vehicles include Ford Racing, GM, Dodge/Chrysler, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, and more. Even Jay Leno, host of the Tonight Show and a vintage car enthusiast, uses Swisstrax tiles in his famous garage! With Swisstrax tiles in your personal garage, your vehicles will shine just like it would at a star race track, or fancy showroom. The positioning and color of your tiles is completely up to you! With 19 Ribtrax colors to choose from, you can select subdued, neutral colors to help your vehicle stand out, or loud accent colors to liven things up. Our color options include Jet Black, Racing Red, Island Blue, Arctic White, Techno Green, and much more.

Cleaning the Garage Has Never Been Easier

Keeping your Ribtrax floor looking pristine is easy. Because of the rivets in the surface, Ribtrax naturally hides dirt. Not only that, but the material Ribtrax is made from is naturally resistant to most oils, solvents, and car fluids—even hydraulics and brake fluid! If vehicle fluid does fall onto your Ribtrax floor, cleanup is easy. Simply wipe off the tile to clean the exterior. To clean the understructure, get out the hose and soak your floor down. Ribtrax’ self-channeling drainage system directs the water out for easy cleanup. Another option is to use pressure washers, shop vacs, or yard blowers.

When it comes to your garage, you need an attractive flooring solution that is designed to last. Contact our team for tile samples to see which colors will make your prized vehicles stand out most.

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