Commercial Gym Flooring - Swisstrax Floor Tile

Commercial Gym Flooring

Whether you operate a public exercise center, or a private fitness club, your gym needs to maintain a crisp, professional appearance, be easy to clean, and comfortable for exercisers to maneuver on. Exercise is a daunting task as it is—your customers may already have trouble motivating themselves to get to the gym. The last thing they need is to walk in the door and see a cold, sterile, boring exercise area. Who wants to exercise in a dungeon? No one. Your gym is the place for them to get excited, inspired, and in the zone!

Easy-Install Commercial Gym Flooring

Time to transform your gym into a place that energizes your customers the second they come in. Complete gym renovations are costly and time-intensive, but you can completely change and modernize your gym by simply focusing on one crucial area: the floor!

Applying a new floor to your gym is neither a daunting, nor time-intensive task with the help of Swisstrax’ gym flooring tiles. With this DIY project, your entire facility is transformed within mere hours, giving you a sleeker, stronger floor to support your workout equipment. With the use of an underlay, Swisstrax tiles can even soften the walking surface, creating a gentler walking experience for all those tennis-shoed feet.

An Assortment of Colors and Textures

Of course, the best part about Swisstrax is the makeover they give to the appearance of your gym. Whether your gym aims to create a fun-loving, upbeat atmosphere, or an impressive, macho professionalism, Swisstrax has color options to fit your needs: from classy black and slate hues to vibrant reds and calming blues. Mix and match colors to create as much diversity or uniformity as you desire, and when you get bored of pattern, rearrange them into an entirely new design! You can even show off your company pride by personalizing your Swisstrax tiles with your gym or business logo.

For commercial gym flooring, our Swisstrax team recommends three texture types: Cointrax, Floortrax, and Sportrax. Cointrax has a circular pattern, Floortrax has a semi-flat, “orange peel” texture, and Sportrax has a multi-functional diamond design. These dynamic tiles can even be mixed and matched to create the common checkerboard pattern, or a unique design of your own.

All three of these recommended gym flooring tiles—Cointrax, Floortrax, and Sportrax—feature a non slip surface. If one of your gym patrons decides to jog across the room, they can do so safely. Even when your Swisstrax tile is wet, it is designed to be naturally slip resistant, making it ideal for pool sides and locker rooms.

Gym Floor Easy Cleanup

With a bunch of sweaty people enjoying your gym on a daily basis, and constantly walking across the floor, you need a commercial gym flooring solution that is easy to clean. Our Cointrax and Floortrax tiles can be maintained just like a typical floor: sweep away debris using a broom, or hose them down to sanitize. With Sportax, a simple shop vacuum job removes the dirt from between tile indentations.

Unlike with permanent flooring, Swisstrax gives you the advantage of being able to remove an individual piece of the floor if it becomes damaged. Thanks to our QUICK SNAP removal system, you can even remove a tile from the center of the floor, without having to work your way in from the edge. Hooray for simplicity!

Swisstrax tiles give your commercial gym a polished flair, demonstrating that you are serious about your facility, and your customers having a positive experience while working out. Request a tile sample today to see which tiles best fit you gym’s style and particular needs.

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