Swisstrax boat flooring tiles are non-slip.

Boat Flooring

Looking for boat flooring that you won’t have to replace ever again? Swisstrax can provide you with one of the best boat flooring solutions. Swisstrax produces rubber tiling used for patios, outdoor expos, and Jay Lenno’s “Big Dog Garage.” Our tiles are very durable and are made for outdoor use, insuring that you will never replace your boat flooring again.

Swisstrax flooring tiles can be purchased in pre-designed patterns and colors, or you can create your own. Have your logo added as a final touch. Thousands of individuals and companies alike have used our flooring products.

Replacing Boat Flooring with Swisstrax

Swisstrax rubber tiles easily install and require no floor preparation. Swisstrax tiles have an effective anti-slip ingredient mixed into the polypropylene which keeps them slip free when wet. Custom fitting for boat flooring simply requires interlocking each tile as shown in our installation video and cutting the border tiles to fit the edge of the boat.

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