Swisstrax Anti-Fatigue Work Mats for the Shop

Ribtrax Anti-Fatigue Work Mats for Shops and Retail

Our Anti-Fatigue Work Mats feature our Rubbertrax recycled rubber interlocking floor tiles which are available in three designs. When working in the shop or standing for extended periods of time at a retail or customer service counter, the Ribtrax Anti-Fatigue Work Mats ensure more comfort than when standing on other types of flooring.

Comprised of modular tiles, the pre-packaged Ribtrax Anti-Fatigue Work Mats can be combined to created larger work mats. Choose from 19 edge and corner colors to match your shop or retail space.


Swisstrax Anti-Fatigue Work Mats for Retail Counters

Swisstrax Anti-Fatigue Work Mats for Welcoming Guests


Swisstrax Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • Includes 7 Rubbertrax Ribtrax tiles, 7 Ribtrax Edges, 2 Ribtrax Corners
  • Approx. Mat Size: 52.25" x 34"
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Made with 100% recycled materials
  • Two or more mats can be combined for larger spaces

Ribtrax Anti-Fatigue Work Mats are comprised of our Rubbertrax Ribtrax tiles (available in black only) and finished off with our standard Ribtrax edges and corners which are available in 19 colors.

Providing a softer pad for extended periods of standing, the anti-fatigue mat is great for work stations in shops and garages (both residential and commercial), retail and customer service counters as well as offices and gyms.  It can also be used with our standard Polypropylene Ribtrax tiles.